{ because people can always use more of both.}

The origin of Boobs & Tubes is partially obscured by myths, legends and hangovers, but it all started in 1998 when a Michigander named Scott Ikle along with pals from high school started making regular trips out to Croton Dam along the Muskegon River.They thought it would be great if their friends invited THEIR friends, and word began to spread. During one of those early weekends, Scott was getting out of the water after an awesome day of tubing and got a good eyeful of, well, the local scenery. He proclaimed to everyone within earshot, "Wow – I love boobs AND tubes!" The name stuck.

Over the years, with the help of good friends Jason Kious, Jeremy Emelander, and others, campers, stages and DJs were added to the overall experience. Everyone involved added their own unique footprint to the trip making Boobs & Tubes the experience it is today.

In 2006 Scott told his friend, native New Yorker Gary, about the fun he was having in Michigan. Gary went on the weekend and loved it (once he got up to speed on camping Michigan-style). He also saw that people in other states – any place with a lazy river, a good campground and great friends – would probably love it as well.

Gary brought his New York friends James Preston and James Quigley to Boobs & Tubes in 2010, and based on their enthusiastic response he decided it was time to bring the boobs and the tubes to the Big Apple. With a blessing from Scott, Gary has turned Boobs & Tubes into an event to be enjoyed throughout the country.

It's important to note though, Boobs & Tubes is about more than just fun – it's about helping people. After Scott lost his friend Marcelo Vandrie to cancer in 2009, Boobs & Tubes began donating a portion of its proceeds to a different charitable event each year. And as we grow, our ability to give back to the community grows with us.

Another thing that really makes Boobs & Tubes special is the fact that everybody who attends is connected in some way. If you've been invited to register for a Boobs & Tubes weekend, it's because a friend who's already connected with the event invited you. This system gives Boobs & Tubes an exclusive yet friendly atmosphere -- like playing the "6 Levels of Kevin Bacon" game on a massive scale.

If you've done the Boobs & Tubes experience before, you know it's a unique experience. If this is your first time, you're in for an incredible ride, and not just on the river either. Register now -- you'll be glad you did.