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We'll have fun come rain or come shine, but you may want to keep track of the conditions on the roadways for your big trip and what to expect during your weekend. Click out these handy weather widgets for the latest updates:

First of all, drive carefully as you enter or leave the campsite. People are having fun and running around, animals might drat out in front of you and so on. Don't kill or maim anything and you'll feel better about yourself when it's all over.

We can't guarantee space for a camper, so if you want to bring one you must contact us through our Website or Facebook page first to see what we can do. It's also up to you to bring your own food, drink and ICE if you like. We plan to have local food vendors available on hand; however you are more than welcome to cook up your own fare with your own bbq's and food as well.

Check out our Camping & Tubing Checklist for a complete list of items to think about bringing on your trip!

First of all, you swim or tube at your own risk, because we won't have any lifeguards sitting there watching for dumb moves or determined attempts to drown yourself or others. If you're not confident about your swimming skills or even if you are, we strongly recommend wearing a lifejacket in case you find yourself in one of the river's deeper patches.

Boobs & Tubes organizers have zero tolerance for people who litter or disturb the environment. The rivers we travel are places that are enjoyed by many people. We care about the lands we camp on and the rivers we float. We expect all those that travel with us, to respect the same.

Do NOT take glass out on the river – bring aluminum or plastic containers only. Broken glass and tube floats don't mix.

We all love the sun -- until it burns us to a crisp. Bring a hat, shirt, sunscreen, etc. if you're worried about receiving a painful burn. A little extra preparation never hurts.

Once you're floating down the river, whatever you brought with you is all you've got till you finally land. So bring everything with you that you'll want. Waterproof Coolers and small tubes to carry them are always helpful.

Again, check out our Camping & Tubing Checklist for related items you may want to bring on your trip!

For Michigan: We can only refund your money if you cancel in advance of 7 days prior to the Michigan event. We don't cancel or postpone the weekend because of rain.

For New York: As your registration is all inclusive, should you decide to cancel, we require 7 days advance notice of the event for a refund. We don't cancel or postpone the entire weekend because of rain. A large event tent will be centrally located on the NY Skinner's Falls campground. The entertainment will continue rain or shine. We've found that people are going to come and have fun, weather or no weather.

Hey, it's still an event. We just bring the everyone under our tents and keep the entertainment going. We might still go tubing if the weather isn't too bad, but if the tubing gets totally rained out, the tubing portion of your fee will be refunded.

Well, obviously you need to know how to get where you're going, what to bring for the camping and tubing portions of the weekend, and what the local weather's going to be like. Take a look at these checklists and site info to make sure you're ready to have fun….

Camping checklist

• Did you remember your tent, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, bug spray, camping chair?
• Are you bringing your own food and drinks for meals, snacks, etc?
• How will you be cooking and storing your food? Did you bring a grill and cooler? Do you have enough ICE?
• Got enough clothes for the trip? Did you remember a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly at night?
• Are you wearing your watch so you'll know when to do stuff?
• Is it water resistant or waterproof? Will you need to store it in a watertight bag for the tubing?

Tubing checklist

• Do you have river shoes & swimming gear?
• Have you armed yourself against sunburn? Sunscreen, extra shirt, hat?
• Got a cooler?
• Got an extra floatation device for your cooler?
• Are all your drinks in plastic or aluminum containers?
• Got drinks? (Because you can't siphon beverages all the way from the campground...)

Check out our Camping & Tubing Checklist for a complete list of items to think about bringing on your trip!

If you are going to need a RV / Camper site in, call Gary at ( 516-782-1293 ) to make a reservation for space.

If you insist on a hotel in NY, you are in luck. Rooms are available RIGHT NEXT DOOR to our campground at The Lothian House 1 Skinners Falls Rd, Narrowsburg, New York 12764 845-252-3593.